What is a freight broker? Busting common freight brokerage myths  


People who want to ship their goods internationally  they most likely hire a freight broker. However, freight brokers give significant quality to manage cargo trucking facilities. Before we talk about misconception let see what freight broker business entails.

What is a freight broker?

Freight brokers hold essential potential in the logistic industry. They are moderators of shippers and carriers. Nowadays companies focus on competitiveness and cost effective transportation freight function. Here freight brokers are the solution to design a way of forward goods to distributors , wholesalers , business owners etc.

Freight brokers act as mediators between shippers and qualified carriers. They take care of goods to arrive on time safely , monitor to condition undamnegs.

Let's bust some myths.

Myths #1 Freight broker service is too expensive.


Freight brokers earn money by finding suitable carriers  for you. They will take fees for moving, arranging and handling your cargo to transport your destination. If you are loading your cargo ownself you may save some money.in this case you gonna have trouble finding qualified carriers.

Freight brokers have not only contacts of carriers they established their business connection with them to make you the best price freight transportation. Due to developed well established relationships with industry carriers they are able to provide faster and flawless shipment service. freight brokers knowledge and skill and network can save your money.

Myths #2  Freight brokers have unreliable reputation.

If you choose freight broker who is not belong from long to logistic industry it might chance they haven’t good established relationship with carriers. We can say true, freight brokers logentivity depend on business, they do not stay in logistic business.

Longevity in logistic business  maintains standard and reputation to make their customers happy.

Myths #3 communication failure.

Communication is a huge part of transportation of your goods.freight broker will take note of your all needs and keep you updated with each stage. If the broker fails to understand your requirement stage it means to rely on that freight broker to trouble you in some stage of the transportation journey. Mostly freight brokers are not able to meet customers' requirements. They might not have much expertise in the field to handle cargo and carriers to deliver flawlessly to  destination.

Myths #4 fright brokers no added value to service.

freight brokers brokering between shippers and carriers. They often  regulate your tasks as usual.  If you need regular shipment of cargo they can help you to provide faster service with no more waiting to another loading , they may transport your cargo from air , sea, road mode as per your requirement of time delivery. they may not provide the best price or fastest service possibilities.

Myths #5 freight broker can't provide tracking system.

Nowadays all business and shipping companies provide tracking systems to track shipment so they can deploy their goods status anytime.

Myths #6 freight broker can be operated without license.

A freight forwarding service is a kind of service, in which no one can operate without a license. Without a license your brokers can't work and it is possible to have some legal problems in future. This is unlawful to do work in logistic industry

Myths #7 Non- asset freight brokers can't access to trucks.

This is not accurate. brokers asset with a big carrier network to brokers network. if you don't have a truck they will be able to provide it by their network partners and try to fill you up with your requirement.

Myths #8  freight broker can't cover insurance.

We can say that most freight brokers can't provide insurance on cargo. Insurance on cargo can reduce the financial damage of shippers. oftenly shippers have their own  cargo insurance agent or company to do for them. freight brokers are not taking responsibility if any accident or loss occurs on cargo.

Myths #9 freight forwarder and freight broker do same thing.

no, freight brokers are missing the link between shippers' cargo moves and carriers that provide transportation service. They provide individual service which they need as per their need. they did not entrusted the entire process of shipping. While freight forwarders are responsible for the entire process of shipping , they process things like having their own goods to transport.

Though , institutions and brokers specialization depend on how long  he is in the supply chain industry. We understand the frustration of picking the right for moving your shipment from one to another place .

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